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Compression Socks

VO2FX Compression Socks

VO2FX Compression Socks Energize Your Legs, Energize Your Game
Only graduated compression socks are clinically proven to increase circulation, improve speed and endurance, and slash your recovery time. VO2fx graduated compression is measured and graduated, providing more compression at the ankle and less at the knee to stimulate return blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue.
VO2FX Miken

VO2FX Miken 15-20 mmHg

Knee-high Compression Socks

VO2FX Miken

VO2FX Miken 20-30 mmHg

Knee-high Compression Socks

VO2FX Miken Low Cut

VO2FX Miken 15-20 mmHg Low Cut

Low Cut Compression Socks

VO2FX Rawlings

VO2FX Rawlings 15-20 mmHg

Knee-high Padded Compression Socks

VO2FX Worth

VO2FX Worth 15-20 mmHg

Knee-high Padded Compression Socks

VO2FX Compression

About VO2FX...

Using compression socks for running, recovery and even to speed up rehab from injury, is practiced by athletes, coaches and trainers at the highest levels. However, only graduated compression socks with a compression range measured in "mmHg" are clinically proven to be effective.

So you should beware of the generic "compression socks" you see advertised. If they are not listing a compression value (eg. 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg) they are almost certainly not incorporating graduated compression, and can actually constrict your circulation and cause serious problems.

VO2fx compression socks for running incorporate patented designs and technology, and the 15-20mmHg and 20-30mmHg styles are also registered with the FDA as a Class I Medical Device.

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