Medi CircAid Juxta Lite Standard 20-50 mmHg Lower Leg Calf System Compression Wrap

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HCPCS Code / CPT Code: A6545
Sold as a single wrap, not a pair. Not recommended for severe cases of lymphedema or other severe indications. The Medi CircAid Juxta Lite standard lower leg wrap provides inelastic compression for moderate venous disease, mild to moderate lymphedema and mild to moderate lipedema. The Built-In-Pressure system has measurable, adjustable compression that makes the Juxta Lite suitable for wearing day and night. (Locking bands should be slightly loosened for night use). Comes with two compressive undersocks and guide card for pressure system. Guide card assists in easy adjustment of compression range (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 mmHg). Inelastic compression wraps such as the Juxta Lite have limited stretch, allowing for maximum containment, improved hemodynamics and the ability to adjust compression level. These wraps function with dynamic compression. When the circumference of the limb changes with body movement, resistance of the wrap causes the compression level to either increase or decrease. Additional features: • Latex-free • Can be worn when active or sedentary • Juxta Lock band system for simple adjustment • Guide card for pressure system helps set targeted compression range • Breath-O-Prene material allows for breathability and extra comfort • SILVERtec prevents static, odor and bacteria in material Full calf available for size medium, large and XL. Length of actual wrap is 28cm (short) and 33cm (long). Material made of: • 56% nylon • 40% polyurethane • 4% elastane Due to the nature of this item it is NOT RETURNABLE, as it may be used for wound care. We will only accept returns on this item if it is still sealed in original packaging.
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