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Compression Socks

Juzo Compression Socks

Juzo Logo - Juzo Compression Socks and Stockings

Juzo® knows how important comfort, quality and therapeutic effectiveness is in medical socks. Juzo's exclusive FiberSoft™ process wraps protective threads around every elastic fiber to create a comfort layer next to your skin while providing medically gradient compression. This increases the durability of the garment and regulates the stretch of the elastic to prevent over-stretching. Juzo socks are easy to don, have breathable fabrics and are manufactured in a pleasing array of colors. Their excellent sizing makes finding a good fit much simpler.

Juzo Silver Sole Socks
Juzo Silver Sole

With pillowed soles for extra comfort and silver fibers for antimicrobial benefits, Silver Sole socks are a heavenly combination of comfortable and cool.

Juzo Cotton
Juzo Cotton Support Socks

A high cotton content (72%) and a reinforced heel and toe make these socks comfortable, durable, and fashionable.

Juzo Basic
Juzo Basic Casual

Featuring a cushioned heel, seamless toe, and moisture-wicking fibers to keep feet dry and comfortable.

Juzo Basic Ribbed
Juzo Basic Ribbed

A fashionable ribbed sock, great value for men or women.

Juzo Soft Ribbed
Juzo Soft Ribbed

Knitted with Juzo's exclusive FiberSoft fibers for comfort and breathability, plus X-static silver fibers for antibacterial protection and odor control.

Why Juzo?

Juzo's company founder, Julius Zorn, knew how important comfort, quality and therapeutic effectiveness is in a medical product - he had to wear a back brace his entire life. Because of his personal experiences, he developed a philosophy that medical garments should not inhibit a person's lifestyle. Then he put that philosophy to work.

When he chose to enter the medical supply industry and manufacture compression garments, he created a litmus test for his company's products: each one must be designed to allow natural freedom of movement. Simply put, the products should be so comfortable and fashionable, customers will forget they're wearing a compression garment.

Since 1912, Juzo has been a pioneer of new technologies. Whether it's designing a more comfortable garment or incorporating other technological advances such as their FiberSoft technology, Juzo has led the industry in creating a high quality product that moves with you.

As with other medical conditions, the best way to manage your situation is to follow the advice of your primary care provider. When it comes to compression therapy garments, comfort and style are the deciding factors in patient compliance. Juzo's two-way stretch materials, and wide variety of styles in fashion colors, give you the freedom to maintain or enhance your lifestyle.

Juzo — along with Sigvaris, Medi, Jobst, CEP, and Zensah — have gone to MAP (minimum advertised prices) for their products. This controls what we can charge for their socks.*

*Some of these manufacturers do allow occasional specials or temporarily suspend their MAP. Sign up for our newsletter or create an account to be automatically notified when there is a sale or price drop of your favorite compression socks!

**For the socks not under the MAP policies, you will find to be among the lowest priced on the internet, and the lowest priced of the major compressionwear vendors.

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