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Compression Socks

Jobst Compression Socks

Jobst Logo - Jobst Compression Socks and Stockings
JOBST has been setting the bar for the best quality compression stockings, compression sleeves, compression wraps, compression wraps and donning aids for almost 70 years. JOBST was created in 1950 by Conrad Jobst, who himself suffered from blood vessel disease himself. Conrad's professional and personal expertise in compression garments helped lay the cornerstone for today's Number one Doctor recommended line of compression socks, compression sleeves, compression wraps and more. JOBST has been long committed to providing effective compression garments and accessories for those with blood vessel disease and disease of the lymphatic system. Today, JOBST'S compression garments are recommended by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. See why JOBST are the number one physician recommended brand of compression stockings, support socks, medical legwear, stocking donner.

Jobst Activewear
Jobst Activewear

Athletic socks for an active lifestyle. Perfect for walking, running, sports and more, Jobst Activewear unisex compression socks feature unique moisture control and a cushioned foot for all-day comfort.

Jobst For Men
Jobst for Men

Superior comfort hosiery for men. Ribbed design looks just like an everyday sock, great for work or leisure.

Jobst Women's Casual
Jobst Women's Casual

Fashionable comfort for everyday activities. Keeps feet dry and comfortable with a unique blend of yarns and an optimal fit.

Jobst Athletic
Jobst Athletic Supportwear

Athletic socks for an active lifestyle. Perfect for walking, running, sports and more, Jobst Activewear unisex compression socks feature unique moisture control and a cushioned foot for all-day comfort.

Jobst Sensifoot
Jobst Sensifoot

Ultimate comfort and protection in a sock. Smooth toe seam, extra padding in the foot, heel and toe, moisture-wicking fabric, and an antibacterial, antifungal finish.

Jobst Trouser Supportwear
Jobst Women's Trouser Supportwear

Contemporary dress sock ideal for work and social occasions. Lightweight yet durable, these women's socks provide a tailored look that compliments any wardrobe.

Jobst Athletic
Jobst Sport Socks

The perfect complement to any activity!

Jobst SoSoft
Jobst SoSoft

Stylish and comfortable support.

Why Choose Jobst?
Improving the quality of life for those with venous disease or swelling related conditions has always been Jobst (BSN Medical)'s top priority. Because they understand the importance of patient compliance, they offer a wide range of quality support socks fit everyone's lifestyle; a diabetic line for those with sensitive feet (Jobst Sensifoot), an athletic line for those who are active (Jobst Activewear), and a ribbed dress sock for men (Jobst for Men), among various other styles. Compression levels vary depending on which condition you are looking to treat; 8-15 mmHg supportwear for enhanced circulation so your legs feel energized all day long, 15-20 mmHg for those suffering tired, achy legs and mild swelling, 20-30 mmHg for varicose veins and moderate swelling, and 30-40 mmHg for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and severe swelling. Concerned about them being too short, too long, or not be able to fit your calf circumference? Jobst prides itself in fitting all genders, shapes, and sizes; they offer petite, regular, and tall lengths, as well as a full-calf option on some knee high styles to accommodate those with larger calf circumferences.
Jobst consults physicians to ensure that their product is helping their patients. That is why Jobst is the #1 physician recommended brand!

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