Jobst FarrowWrap Classic 30-40 mmHg Compression Leg-Piece

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The Jobst FarrowWrap Classic Leg-Piece helps to control moderate to severe edema, lymphedema and similar conditions that cause swelling. FarrowWraps are recommended for those who have trouble applying traditional compression socks and stockings. Ready to wear, this popular leg-piece is known as "the Original FarrowWrap." Wrap should be worn with included liner. Features: • 30-40 mmHg Compression • Durable and rigid, yet comfortable • Resists rolling or popping into folds of skin • Suitable for edema with skin folds and irregular limb shapes • Hand-wash only, lay flat to dry Material is latex-free and made of: • 47% cotton • 32% nylon • 16% polyester • 5% spandex Returns for the FarrowWrap will only be accepted if product is sealed in original packaging. Otherwise, due to the nature of this item it is NOT RETURNABLE as it may be used for wound care. Sold as one wrap. Not a pair. 30-40 mmHg firm gradient compression indication guide: Moderate to severe varicose veins Moderate leg and ankle swelling Relief from moderate edema / lymphedema Varicose veins during pregnancy Leg swelling following surgery Following sclerotherapy Orthostatic hypotension Postural hypotension Helps Prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
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