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Compression Socks

CEP Compression Socks

CEP Logo - CEP Compression Socks and Apparel

CEP was developed by Medi, the world leader in medical compression. Medi has extensive compression knowledge as well as modern production, storage and commissioning systems at their disposal.

In 2007, Medi launched the most advanced sports compression socks on the market, CEP compression sport socks. Driven by their 50 years of experience in medical compression, CEP compression sportswear sets the standard for compression sportswear and creates a whole new market for the sports specialty retailer to capitalize on.

Every athlete profits from properly designed compression products and according to the latest scientific research conducted, CEP compression provides additional oxygen to the musculature. This consequently opens a new market: functional sports clothing with compression, i.e. compression sportswear. Together with customers and partners, it is CEP's goal to become a qualitative and quantitative leader on the compression sportswear market and to continue to develop within this field.

CEP Running Socks
CEP Running Socks

For all runners and endurance athletes

CEP Skiing Socks
CEP Skiing Compression Socks

For skiers, snowboarders, and cross-country skiers

CEP Sleeves
CEP Compression Sleeves

For all types of sports and physical activities

CEP Athletic Compression Skinsuits
CEP Apparel

Triathlon skinsuits, tights, and arm coolers

CEP RxOrtho Ankle Supports
CEP RxOrtho

Ankle Supports & Braces

CEP runner

Why CEP?

CEP is medically proven sports compression made by Medi, the world leader in medical compression stockings and garments.

Medically tuned compression sportswear is designed specifically for the athlete to improve performance, recovery and overall quality of life. Not only can you find increases in performance, but it can also alleviate injuries, shin splints, cramps, IT band issues and other lower leg indication. CEP also provides graduated medically tuned compression to help prevent blood clots and swelling during travel. Wearing CEP sports garments has been clinically proven to increase running times by 5%.

CEP Compression Sportswear are worn by many people for use in many activities. Here are a few names of athletes who use our products, maybe you have heard of some of them: Dave Scott, Matt Reed, Andy Potts, Chris McDonald, Timo Bracht, and Heather Jackson. If some of the best endurance athletes in the world use them, why don't you?

CEP will continue launching more innovative products in addition to our compression sport socks that will surely give every athlete the edge they’re looking for in competition and training. Take advantage of these medically tuned performance products and feel the CEP difference.

CEP — along with Jobst, Sigvaris, Medi, Juzo, and Zensah — have gone to MAP (minimum advertised prices) for their products. This controls what we can charge for their products.*

*Some of these manufacturers do allow occasional specials or temporarily suspend their MAP. Sign up for our newsletter or create an account to be automatically notified when there is a sale or price drop of your favorite compression socks!

**For the socks not under the MAP policies, you will find to be among the lowest priced on the internet, and the lowest priced of the major compressionwear vendors.

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