CEP Sportswear Black Compression Bike Socks for Women

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Good for Women
This item has been discontinued. Remaining are only 2 of size II and 3 of size IV. Ships as a Pair.
CEP Sportswear Black Compression Bike Socks for Women; more energy, stamina, and performance.
CEP Compression is approximately 18-25 mmHg
CEP Compression Bike Socks are recommended for all bikers especially mountain bikers and those competing in races. Graduated compression, aerodynamic knitted fabric, instep protector, anatomic foot padding, cooling net structure, odor-reducing silver ions, anatomical fit, comfortable band, extra-flat toe seam, moisture management. � Tendon Support:
Additional Support of the Achilles tendon protects and prevents irritable tendons. � Anatomic Foot Padding:
The special support of the foot sole prevents irritations caused by pressure spots. With special padding on the top of your foot for bike shoes. � Moisture Management:
For a pleasant foot climate. � Silver Ions:
Helps reduce odor. � Material:
85% Polyamid, 15% Spandex In addition to their compression properties the functional socks are optimally shaped. They don't slip and don't form creases when biking. Flat seams - particular in the toe area - prevent blisters and pressure marks. The padded zones in the foot and Achilles heel ensure optimum pressure distribution. CellTex (a fiber finishing, that reduces blister formation, regulates micro-climate, ensures skin-friendly wearing comfort) ensures a comfortable micro-climate and superb wearing comfort. WomenSizeChart Benefits
� Improved Blood Circulation � More Stamina � More Energy � Better Performance � Prevents Injuries � Muscle and Joint Stabilization � Improved Coordination Helps Reduce
� Shin Splints; reduces vibration, increases oxygen, and promotes healing. � Calf Cramps; increases oxygen to optimize muscles, removes lactic acid. � Achilles Issues; increases oxygen to the Achilles; padding prevents damage. � Pulled Muscles; increases blood flow to increase warmth in the muscles. � Traveling Issues; graduated compression prevents venous reflux and pooling.
CEP Black Biking Socks for Women 
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Measuring Instructions

For 8-15, 12-16, and some 15-20 mmHg socks, all you will need to determine your size is your shoe size. Full knee-high measuring instructions are shown below if needed.

Knee High Measuring Instructions

Ankle Measurement

Measure around your ankle (this measurement is called the circumference). Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, above the ankle bone.

Note: This must always be your first measurement

Calf Measurement

Find the widest part of your calf. Measure the circumference of your calf.

Calf Length

Sit on a chair with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Measure the distance from 1 finger below the bend in your knee to the floor.

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