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Compression Socks

Sigvaris Compression Socks

Sigvaris Logo - Sigvaris Comression Socks and Stockings SIGVARIS® aims to develop and produce high level efficiency and aesthetic medical stockings by combining medical research and the latest technologies in the textile intelligence field. SIGVARIS has been building a permanent closeness to the medical community and the patients.

Sigvaris Performance Socks
Sigvaris Performance

True graduated compression to maximize your performance, power, and muscle and circulatory efficiency.

Sigvaris Athletic Recovery
Sigvaris Athletic Recovery

Compression designed to help your foot and leg muscles recover faster and more fully from intense activity.

Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton
Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton

Knee high compression sock with a padded foot for extra cushioning and comfort.

Sigvaris Casual Cotton
Sigvaris Casual Cotton

Casual design for everyday wear and a high cotton content for comfort and breathability.

Sigvaris Classic Ribbed
Sigvaris Classic Ribbed

Contemporary ribbed design and extra durability are two key features of these compression socks.

Sigvaris Classic Dress
Sigvaris Classic Dress

Whether you're at the office or about town, these classically-styled compression dress socks will keep your feet comfortable.

Sigvaris Access
Sigvaris Access

This value line by Sigvaris provides comfortable compression socks at a comfortable price point.

For several decades, Sigvaris has been committed to developing and distributing premium quality products which provides a new "Life for Legs" to people suffering from the various forms of chronic venous disease.

Sigvaris support and compression socks are sold world-wide and offer a great variety of compression solutions for venous and lymphatic disease. Whether you're looking for optimum comfort, durability or easy of donning, Sigvaris has you covered.

Why Sigvaris?

Sigvaris has over 150 years of expertise and presence on the market. The family business takes its roots in Winterthur - Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, in 1864. It is now run by the fifth generation which continues to perpetuate the Sigvaris tradition and know-how based on a solid and visionary strategy.

Over 50 years ago, the company took a decisive turn to focus on a core activity to produce medical compression socks and stockings as a solution for treatment of venous disease.

Today, over 60 million legs have worn Sigvaris medical compression stockings worldwide. 1200 employees spread over the eight companies of the Sigvaris Group are committed to providing "Life for Legs" to people suffering from venous disease, and are contributing each day to making Sigvaris the world leader and expert in medical compression socks.

Sigvaris — along with Jobst, Medi, Juzo, CEP, and Zensah — have gone to MAP (minimum advertised prices) for their products. This controls what we can charge for their socks.*

*Some of these manufacturers do allow occasional specials or temporarily suspend their MAP. Sign up for our newsletter or create an account to be automatically notified when there is a sale or price drop of your favorite compression socks!

**For the socks not under the MAP policies, you will find Compression-Socks.com to be among the lowest priced on the internet, and the lowest priced of the major compressionwear vendors.

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